Garment Care

Garment Care

Did you know that increasing the life cycle of your garments is the most direct way you can reduce waste and pollution in the textiles system? In fact, the clothing industry alone could impact the amount of carbon, water and waste used by as much as 10% if garments stayed in rotation in our wardrobes for just three months longer than normal.

The best part? This means that we as consumers have the absolute power to effect positive change for our planet. We've pulled together some simple steps to make it easier for everyone to do their part.


Spell Spot or Hand Wash Icon- hand in bucket of water SPOT OR HAND WASH
Save water and increase the lifespan of your garments by spot-washing using mild, eco-friendly detergent (for whites, vinegar is your friend!!) or hand wash. This is also a great way of ensuring synthetic microfibres don't enter our oceans.

Spell Denim Care Icon- Pair of jeansDENIM
Put your denim in the freezer overnight, the low temperature can kill any bacteria that makes them a bit smelly.

Spell Machine Wash Icon- Washing machine MACHINE WASH
A cold machine wash is always better then hot.


Spell Drying Icon- Shirt on the lineDRYING
Line or hang dry if possible! It's the best way to save on energy (good for the environment and your wallet!) and also helps keep your clothing in the best shape!

Steaming & Ironing

Spell Ironing Icon- IronIRONING
Hanging your garments vertically can encourage your clothing to dry without creasing.

Spell Steaming Icon- Iron with steam STEAMING
You can also hang your clothing in your shower to steam creases out.

Repair & Up-Cycle or Swap

Spell Repair and Up-cycle or Swap Icon- Arrows converging to make a loopREPAIR & UP-CYCLE OR SWAP
We all know that fashion contributes to the waste problem. In fact, Australian's dispose of 6,000 kilograms of fashion and textile waste every 10 minutes! You can have a major impact by simply repairing, up-cycling or swapping your garment to keep it in the system and contribute to the circular economy.