Spell has established a Modern Slavery Statement that outlines Spell’s approach in assessing and mitigating the potential risks of modern slavery practises within our organisation and global supply chain. We train, educate, and work closely with our domestic and global teams to raise awareness and to develop our remediation strategy.

Spell’s position on modern slavery is as follows:

“Our commitment to people is to contribute to the improvement of social conditions globally, and our partners are aware of this. Each partner we work with signs a strict and enforceable Supplier Agreement and Code of Conduct, of which both stipulate that we do not condone the use of forced labour anywhere within our supply chain. Further to that, we are working tirelessly to trace our supply chain in the aim of full transparency, and we are committed to mitigating any form of modern slavery through activities that we are implementing through our ethical sourcing work”.

According to the UN Global Compact:

“Modern slavery is an umbrella term that refers to exploitive practices including forced labour, slavery, servitude, debt bondage, human trafficking, deceptive recruiting for labour services, the worst forms of child labour, and forced marriage.”

We recognise that modern slavery exists and is systemic, therefore it is an important issue to address across our whole supply chain to ensure that those who are vulnerable are not exploited. The scope of our Modern Slavery Statement applies to all employees, contractors, and suppliers in our organisation and extended value chain.

Although our business falls below the threshold for obligatory reporting, we have volunteered to develop our Modern Slavery Statement in compliance with the requirements of the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018. In doing so, we have addressed the following:

  • Identifying Spell as a reporting entity
  • An overview of our operations and supply chain
  • The risks of modern slavery in our supply chain
  • Actions taken by Spell
  • Spell’s actions planned for on-going improvement
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of our actions
  • Our consultation processes

Our commitment to upholding the highest standard for human rights within all parts of our operations is a fundamental part of our business. Our Modern Slavery Statement will be reviewed each year to ensure that we are regularly reassessing the risk in our supply chain and improving upon our remediation strategy.

To read our full Modern Slavery Statement please click here.