A Day in the Life of an Illustrator


What does your work day look like?

Working in the morning until lunch time, stroll down to the beach for lunch and then back to work for the afternoon and then after work surfs! (A surf at lunch too if I’m lucky!)

How do you keep inspired?

I often feel overloaded with ideas. I want to do lots of things all the time. I haven’t felt lost for an idea in a long time which I guess is a good thing, but I think I’m always trying to find the time to do it all. Especially when first getting excited about something. In saying that, I’ve been lucky to live in such a pretty place by the water. It’s hard not to be inspired here in Torquay.

What made you choose illustration? Did it come naturally and how did you hone your skills?

I’ve always loved art and drawing all over things as a kid. So natural progression I guess to keep that kid in me alive and bringing that hand drawn element into a lot of things I do. Especially as I’m also a Graphic Designer. I love to incorporate hand drawn illustrations or scripts into my own designs. It add so much more personality and makes something feel more personal. For me its also quite therapeutic, to sit and just draw for an afternoon. It’s nice to spend time away from a screen and focus on the one thing.

What tools (pens/ink/brushes) do you use?

I use lots and lots of fine liners! Haha I burn through those pretty easy. I love to start off with pencil of course and I also love to dabble in Indian ink and watercolours. The indigo blues are always the first to go!

We have one for your signature maps in Spell HQ, its so beautiful, what drew you towards vintage maps as a subject?

Thank you! I’ve always love old vintage maps growing up and found this amazing nautical vintage map. For a long time I wanted a World Atlas on a surfboard. I designed one as part of my folio and kept it but but never did anything with it and only in the last couple of years it has come to life.

I drew a big World Atlas for my surfboard and from there I wanted to keep creating more maps of places I had travelled to and wanted to explore. Such a personal piece of art to have and have marked all the little spots along the way that make that place special to you.

Any advice you would give someone wanting to get a start as an illustrator?

Keep on powering!

Where can we find your work?

My work is available online on my Etsy shop, Southcoast Surfboards in Torquay and at The Block Shop pop up in Fitzroy Street, St Kilda as well as The Block Shop online.


Instagram: @adriannedesign
Email: info@adriannedesign.com
Website: www.adriannedesign.com.au


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