Spell x Waste Free Celebrations

The festive season is here ~ a time to celebrate with those you love and reflect on the year that's past. Amidst the decorating of tables and wrapping of presents there can be a lot of waste left behind. From unnecessary packaging and wrapping paper to gimmicky gifts and increased food scraps ~ this holiday season can be a very wasteful time.

Australians discard close to 800,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles each year {this equates to 15 tonnes every 10 minutes!}. This year we teamed up with our friends at Waste Free Celebrations who offer reusable and recyclable gifting solutions to give our deadstock a second life ~ a collab that aligns perfectly with our commitment to ensure that our deadstock fabric never ends up in landfill.  

How it works:
- Our waste-free crackers are available as a set of six and are individually wrapped in our renew fabric and filled with plastic-free gifts made in New Zealand.
- Each cracker set includes a 20g dish soap, 10ml massage oil, 30g deodorant, two crayons, one reusable tea bag, 15g body scrub and six jokes.
- Each reusable cracker can slide back together and includes a storage box.
- Re-fill your crackers with your own little treats and re-crack for years to come. Snaps are required to make the crackers ‘bang’ and can be purchased directly from Waste Free Celebrations.

We cannot wait to see these pieces adorn your holiday tablescapes for years to come.

Special thank you to WE Hire Byron Bay for providing styling tableware and props. 

Photography Karissa Sparke
Styling Britt Carter